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Febbraio 8, 2019
BIM for Structural Calculation
Aprile 30, 2019

BIM for Infrastructures


The use of BIM for infrastructures (roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, hydraulic projects) generates changes in terms of process and presents different characteristics from BIM used for buildings. The horizontal development of the projects requires a correct management of the coordinates in which GIS (Geographic information system) management plays a key role.

Brains Digital took part in the design process helping the whole team to meet key milestones the technical specification of the customer.

BIM can be very useful in order to rationalize the design process in a multidisciplinary ecosystem and helps with new digital tools to manage time and costs in a more effective way, reducing errors and risks.

The Italian BIM regulation establish the use of BIM for public sector, starting from 1 January 2019. It will apply to projects with a minimum value of 100 million euros. For this reason, the design of all infrastructures in the next few years will adopt BIM methodologies.

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