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Aprile 29, 2019
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Aprile 30, 2019

BIM for Structural Calculation


In the hypothesis of adopting Autodesk Revit as BIM management software, BrainsDigital and Dolmen have carried out a set of tests to identify methodologies to optimize information exchange. In this case, the entire structural model has been created and exported from Dolmen.

Understand the switch from 2D from 3D represented the core of the study. Bi-dimensional geometries shaped in Dolmen have been transformed into tri-dimensional objects and exported to an IFC file, using a series of steps pointed out during the analysis.

A Bim model is not only geometries, but also information, collected into parameters, this is why their identification and classification became a key step of the analysis.

The described study produced as a result procedures and methodologies to obtain a structural model in an open format as IFC, correlated to all relevant data.

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