Casafilla Residential Complex, Grugliasco
Agosto 16, 2018
Student Housing Project, Torino
Dicembre 18, 2018

Casa Velò, Renovation Project


The building is situated in the center of the city of Torino. The structure has five floors above ground and three underground for a total gross area of about 10800sqm. The complex has been built in different periods; in particular, the building set in civic number 39-41, nominated “Palazzo d'Harcourt” was designed in XVII century by Filippo Castelli and the façade was completed around 1783. The staircase is nowadays protected by the Cultural Heritage Agency.

The request of the developer was to create a detailed BIM Model based on accurate Point Cloud (which was produced by a high precision Laser Scanning Survey) that would contain all the necessary spatial data to be used later in the project of restoration and conservation. The scope was to enable the collaboration between different actors involved in the project. Furthermore, the model will be used in the future project stages and maintenance.

In compliance with the client requests, the BIM modeling activities of objects were carried out in a certain detail level depending on their scope. Particular attention was paid in the modeling of vaults, that were created with parametric adaptive components given their complex architectural geometries.

Given the historical character of the complex, the modeling of families was made in a very high LOG, (Level of Geometry) whereas the LOI (Level of Information) included was the minimum required. The object information was created using parameters to allow the possibility of the craftsmanship in a later stage of the process, to individuate the type of object to be produced and its characteristics.

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