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Settembre 2, 2020
Automated Logistics Facility
Dicembre 19, 2018

Water Treatment Plant


Water treatment plants require the design of very complex systems in areas with limited space. A proper BIM workflow extremely improves design coordination and it helps reduce costs, delays and disruption during construction.

The client required support for the architectural and structural modeling to properly design systems, tanks and equipment.

The team of structural designers consisting of the lead partner LS Ingegneria with the collaboration of Essepiesse Ingegneria and the BIM support of Brains Digital developed the executive project of the plant using BIM methodologies

Thanks to the innovative approach used and the synergy created, a structural model of the plant was created for the construction phase and the objects of the models were used both for computation (5D) and for connection to the time schedule (4D).

The design was therefore not limited to the geometric aspects but focused above all on the information aspects by optimizing the information databases (coding, classifications, materials, component hierarchies) that could optimize the project in view of construction but also above all on its future management.

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