Palazzo Medici Clarelli, Roma
Agosto 16, 2018
Casafilla Residential Complex, Grugliasco
Agosto 16, 2018

Multinational Company Headquarters


The Complex is located in the very heart of Rome. The complex, designed in 1928 by Carlo Broggi, consists of five floors above the ground and two roof levels as well as four underground for a total gross area of about 24200 sqm. Its design fuses a symmetrical arrangement of a broken pediment, columns, pilasters and glazed openings with exuberant decorations. An imponent element of this building is the presence of the columns in the principal façade.

The owner asked the creation of a detailed BIM model that would be used later in the renovation phase of the complex. Given the complexity and the size of the project, Brains Digital executed a laser scanner survey which produced a very accurate representation of as-is situation. Also computational design was applied to represent non standard object geometries. The entire model was divided in four separate parts that were coordinated together in one federated model that contained the total spatial and geometrical information of the building. Particular attention was paid in the (LOIN) "Levels of Information Needed" for modeling in order to meet the client requirements.

The immersive navigation of the 3D models was used to consolidate the choices of professionals involved in the project.

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