BIM Strategy & Implementation Planet Holding Ltd

Londra – Torino


2020 – ongoing


Planet Holding Ltd


BIM Strategy & Implementation, Training, Workflows, Computational Solutions

BRAINS DIGITAL’s activities

Brains Digital was tasked by Planet Holding Ltd to develop and implement the BIM & Digital strategy for managing the planning, design, pre-construction and construction stages of affordable housing complexes at a neighbourhood level. The plan’s implementation provides for the training of internal resources and the development of multiple workflows capable of providing specific solutions, replicable and scalable, to the specific needs of each development stage for the construction of vertical and horizontal residential complexes.

the project

Planet Smart City is a London-based scaleup company currently active in Brazil, India, the USA, Colombia, the UK and Italy. Planet Smart City’s mission is to transform the design and construction processes of big affordable housing interventions via the development of smart, technological, replicable and scalable solutions, in order to ensure the creation of sustainable and inclusive communities.

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