Effective BIM strategies and process, necessary for collaborating and competing in the new design and construction market.


Solutions to increase productivity, to address complex problems and to increase the expertise of each organisation.


New workflows aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of a project thanks to collaborative processes, digital solutions and data.


Enabling the digital transformation of the built environment

BIM processes and technologies allow for the accessibility and transparency of all project data and information to all stakeholders, thus enabling the digital transformation of the built environment throughout its entire life cycle.       

Brains Digital supports its partners in developing customised BIM strategies, training human resources and managing complex projects, all thanks to the experience and the diversified skills of a solid and integrated team.


From the definition of a strategic roadmap to the elaboration of an implementation plan, up until its execution stage, without losing sight of the objectives, the resources and the opportunities.


Operational management of multidisciplinary BIM projects in order to ensure quality, rapidity and profitability in each development stage, all with the support of a solid back office.


Assessment and validation of BIM processes and models by combining experiences, skills and technological solutions into an approach that merges together protocols’ strictness and operational pragmatism.


Supporting specialised 3-5D modelling in order to reduce the risks and achieve results against all deadlines thanks to a team that integrates more than one skill.


Looking at design and construction through a computational perspective

The heart of the built environment’s digital transformation is a computational approach that uses data and algorithms in order to face strategic and operational challenges in a new manner, using analytical rigour and creativity.     

Together with its partners,Brains Digitaldevelops computational solutions that amplify the distinctive expertise of each team and organisation, thus increasing their productivity in each stage of a project’s life cycle.


Generating and quickly assessing multiple hypotheses and alternatives in each project’s development stage, so as to support technical and investment choices and to anticipate critical issues.


Facilitating the understanding and real-time availability of data produced during the design and construction stages so as to reduce complexities and to allow for better and more timely decisions.


Increasing the productivity and agility of each project’s team via the automation of repetitive and low added value activities in each step of BIM-based processes.


Increase the unique expertise of each organisation, converting specialised skills into data, algorithms and scripts for the most common design tools.


Making operations the new superpower, throughout the project life-cycle

The ability to transform instruments, technologies and skills into production capacity creates an unbridgeable gap between the operators of the new built environment market.   

Brains Digitalhelps its partners to design and implement new integrated workflows so as to reduce wastes, inefficiencies and mistakes in every step of the project’s life cycle.


From the exploration of the project idea to the production of technical documentation, integrating instruments, technologies and data in order to maximize the agility and productivity of the project team.


Using models and data in order to support the assessment of implementation costs and times as well as feasibility studies, so as to reduce technical and economic risks and to reduce critical issues during the implementation stage.


New workflows for managing the executive stages via the use of models, data and information, thus connecting real and virtual objects via formats accessible to all operators.


Overcoming processes based on document management in order to build new working procedures based on the use of data to understand, foresee and manage existing assets.

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